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Normal Dosage in Homeopathy

Normal Dosage in Homeopathy

Before Administering A Homeopathic Dose, Better Learn About Its Key Aspects

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Homeopathy is a holistic healthcare system which works in a natural way to treat an ill person as a whole, not just the disease. It is based upon the totality of the symptoms of the patient and hence selecting the proper homeopathic medicine or it's mode or potency or its dosage should also be decided according to the symptoms, sensitivity, and the age of the ill person.

In homeopathy, the knowledge about the normal dosage of a given homeopathic remedy or medicine is as important as is the selection of its potency or its form for a successful homeopathic cure.

Although the views about the selection of proper mode of any homeopathic medicine or about its potency, or about its normal dosage, or about whether or not to continue or discontinue or change any particular medicine, have never been the same amongst the homeopaths all over the world, no homeopath will administer the same dose of any homeopathic remedy to an adult and an infant.

normal dosage of any homeopathic remedy should always be decided according to the age of the patient.

However, before administering a dose to yourself or to any patient, it is also important for you to have proper knowledge about the following key aspects of homeopathic treatment system for successful homeopathic cures.

Key Aspects for A Successful Homeopathic Cure Are:

Choosing The Right Remedy
    Choosing The Better Form of Remedy
    Choosing The Right Potency
    Using The Normal Dosage
    • When to Stop or Repeat or Change The Remedy

Choosing the Right Homeopathic Remedy or Medicine:

Choosing the right homeopathic medicine or remedy is the first step to successfully treat any patient homeopathically. It is necessary to choose such right remedy by the totality of the symptoms.

Since homeopathy works on basis of "like cures like" it makes your task much easier. Try to find few remedies or medicines of similar characteristics as those of the symptoms of the patient and then out of those few remedies choose the one which matches best with the symptoms of the patient. The best place to look for the right homeopathic remedies is the homeopathic Materia Medica.

Homeopathic M
ateria Medica is a guide to the homeopathic medicines. The names, the descriptions and the healing properties of all the homeopathic remedies are listed in this guide. Repertories are also a part of materia medica wherein symptoms of diseases and their remedies are listed in an orderly manner so that they can be found quickly and easily. You may also find keynote symptoms or the modalities of the remedies. Modalities refer to the conditions of the patient feeling worse or feeling better.

Once you are able-to find few remedies or medicines that are of similar characteristics as the symptoms and modalities of your patient, with careful observation of all those found remedies, you can choose the medicine that matches with most of the symptoms of the patient. It is not compulsory that all the symptoms of the patient must match with your chosen remedy. Your chosen remedy is a right remedy if it matches with most of the key note symptoms of an ill person.

For example, suppose you are to treat a young girl of strong built who is suffering from acne on her face for last six months. The pimples are red and little painful and get worse by heat and feels better in open air. And she loves to eat sweets.

Further, suppose referring Dr. William Boericke's
Materia Medica you have prepared a list of below mentioned 5 remedies which are said to be helpful in treating acne. The characteristic of each remedy is also mentioned against each remedy.

Let us see how to choose the right remedy or medicine out of these 5 remedies to cure acne of the young girl.

    Sulphur:            Red infected skin, feels itchy, worse with washing.
    Silicea:              Ailments with pus formation, deep seated acne, spots leading to
    Hepar Sulph:     Infected pimples with thick discharge, worse with cold weather, likes everything warm.
    Calcarea Carb: Gets tired and out of breath easily, craves sweets.
    Pulsatilla:          Preeminently a female remedy, acne at puberty, worse with heat, better open air.

By careful observation you can see "Pulsatilla" is the right remedy for you to treat acne of the young girl because it matches with more of the key note symptoms (marked Red) of her acne problem than of the remaining four remedies.

Choosing the Better Form of a Homeopathic Remedy or Medicine:

Although homeopathic medicines include formulations such as gels, ointments, creams or lotion forms also to protect the body from minor cuts or scrapes or keep skin unblemished or massage the sore muscles, the basic forms of the homeopathic medicines are only two. Dry pallets and liquid solutions. These two forms of homeopathic remedies are used for the treatment of all kinds of diseases or illnesses; whether minor or major health problem, acute or chronic disease, or whether physical or mental illness.

That's why people generally raise the questions about these two forms only to know as to which form of the medicine is better for treating any ill person homeopathically.

ince correct dosage of any homeopathic medicine can make all the difference between success and failure, it is always better to know as to which form of the homeopathic remedy generally works better, dry pallets or liquid dose (dry pallets also can be taken in liquid solution of alcohol and water), before starting homeopathic treatment.

Just like choosing the right remedy, it is necessary to choose the remedy or medicine according to the principle of homeopathy "like cures like" and by the totality of symptoms; choosing the right form of medicine also should be according to the therapeutic  principle of homeopathy of "minimal dose" (smallest dose).

You will be highly surprised to know that no two homeopaths are of similar views about the right or better form of medicinal dose.

But don't worry about views of different homeopaths!  Because no homeopath can deny the fact that both forms do deliver the goods successfully as-long-as the dose is taken in proper way and according to basic law of homeopathy of "minimal dose". Hence you can use any form of the remedy that suits you better without any hesitation so long as the remedy you are taking is a right remedy in its right potency and you are taking the remedy dose in a manner it should be taken.

Choosing the Right Potency of a Homeopathic Remedy or Medicine:

Although the potency issue has not been solved as yet and the homeopaths around the world are not unanimous on any one strategy about choosing right potency of a remedy for any given condition of an illness, most of the homeopaths believe that since medicines of potencies less than 6x or 6c are less diluted, they might contain a trace of chemical toxicity of the original crude material and hence may not be completely safe to use without proper supervision of an able health care practitioner.

There are examples of great homeopaths who believed in high potencies and treated their patients with great success using higher potencies, like well-known American homeopaths Dr. James Tyler Kent and Dr. Eugene Beauharis Nash. And there are examples of homeopaths who strongly advocated the use of lower potencies, such as a man of exceptional brains and look apart kind of personality, Dr. John Henry Clarke of Great Britain.

These examples are clear indication that both, lower as well as higher potencies, can be equally successful in treating any condition of illness if chosen according to Dr. Hahnemann's laws of homeopathy based on 'like cures like', minimal single dose, and totality of symptoms. It also highlights the importance of right remedy selection as well as the importance of experience. If the remedy is chosen by totality of the symptoms and is given in minimum doses, the art of choosing low or high potency will automatically develop within you as you grow in experience.

But as a learner the best and the safest way to start treating any illness homeopathically is to follow general rules of homeopathy by treating chronic illnesses with low potencies and acute illnesses with higher potencies

Word of Advice:

Before choosing the potency of any homeopathic remedy, make sure that the chosen remedy is a right remedy, chosen by totality of the symptoms.

Using Normal Dosage of Dry Pallets for all age groups:

As a rule of thumb, the normal dosage for dry pallets is:

Adults: 4 pallets of low potency - from mother tincture to 30x/30c - 3 times everyday

Adults: 4 pallets of medium potency up to 200x/200c - once a week

Children of 8-15 years and seniors - half of the adult dose - maximum potency  - 30x/30c

Children below 6 years quarter of an adult dose - maximum potency - 30x/30c

If you are using Dry Pallets in Liquid Form:

Take one or maximum two pills (preferably #10 size) of desired remedy in desired potency and place it into a thoroughly cleansed glass bottle of say 100ml. Fill the glass bottle with liquid solution of 20-30% of alcohol and the rest 70-80% of distilled water leaving one third of the glass bottle empty for sufficient space left for succussions. Cork the glass bottle tightly and succuss the contents of glass bottle vigorously for 10 times. The liquid form of dry pallets is ready for your use. Stick a label on the glass bottle and write the name and potency of the prepared remedy. Since alcohol is used as a preservative, this prepared remedy can be safely stored for years and can be safely used anytime in future if needed.

But in case you do not wish to store the remedy and like to make a dose for the day only, you need not take a 100ml. bottle or add alcohol. If clean water is available, even distilled water is not necessary if it is not available. Take small clean bottle, put just one pallet of desired remedy of desired potency in the bottle and add plain clean water leaving one third part of the bottle empty and vigorously succuss the dilution for 10 times and that's it. Your dose of the day is ready. Administer a right dose from it and throw away the remaining liquid medicinal solution out of the bottle.

Using Normal Dosage of Medicines in Liquid Form for all age groups:

One tablespoonful for an adult, one teaspoonful for a child from 8 years to 15 years, half teaspoonful for infants, old age or weak persons and quarter teaspoonful for infants. A word of caution is that infants or old weak persons or children below 8 years of age should not be given potencies lower than 6x/6c or higher than 30x/30c.

But to get desired results of any particular homeopathic remedy, just taking proper dose is not sufficient, administering of the dose in proper right way is also important.

Right way to Take Dry Dose:

Do not touch the pallets. Just shake the white bead-like pallets into the cap of the remedy bottle and take it under your tongue with clean mouth. Do not swallow. The pallets will automatically get dissolved in no time. Shake the bottle (containing the remedy) well for few times before each repeat dose.

Right way to Take a Liquid Dose:

A single dose of liquid solution of homeopathic remedy including mother tincture, for an adult, is usually 10-20 drops that can either be taken directly under the tongue or it can be taken by adding liquid remedy into half cup of clean water and take small sips.


Do not eat, drink, smoke, brush or use anything of strong odor, like coffee, camphor, vinegar, garlic, perfumes etc. at least half an hour before and after taking the medicines.

Protect the medicines from things of strong odor like balms or perfumes or oils etc.

Store the medicines in cool, dry and dark places. Protect them from direct sunlight and heat in any form.

Keep the medicines tightly corked.

Last but not the least important is to shake well or succuss well both forms of medicines whether dry or liquids, before every repeat dose. It makes medicine more potent and curative.

When to Stop or Repeat or Change the Medicine?

s soon as symptoms seem to improve stop remedy. If the improvement seems slow, remedies of low potency should be repeated frequently, but not the higher ones. It will be helpful to have knowledge about the duration of action of the chosen or administered remedies, as it greatly helps to decide when should a particular-remedy be repeated. The healing process may get hampered if a remedy is repeated before expiry of its period of effectiveness.

Always make a habit to shake the medicine bottle or succuss the remedy 8 to 10 times before every repeat dose. Succussion changes the degree of dynamization of the remedy making it more effective and curative.

ontinue remedies till amelioration or a cure is in sight, and stopt as soon as the patient starts to feel better.

In case no improvement is seen after considerable time, say one week or ten days, or old symptoms are aggravated, or totally new symptoms seem to appear, it should be assumed that the given remedy is wrong. In that case another remedy should be chosen on basis of totality of new symptoms and be given to the ill person.
Modalities and duration of the remedies are very important aspects for choosing the right remedy or for deciding between remedies.

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