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Naturopathy vs Herbal Remedies and Homeopathy

Naturopathy vs Herbal Remedies and Homeopathy

All These Natural Care Systems Are Thought to Be the Same but They Are Not


Naturopathy, also called naturopathic medicine, is a kind of preventive natural healing system that believes in preventing the body from becoming ill, based on "prevention is better than cure" ideology.

aturopathy is a
pseudoscientific form of alternative medicine based on a belief that a special energy called "vital energy" or "vital force" or self-healing powers of the nature is what guides bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, and adaptation.

Many people think that naturopathy and
homeopathy and/or herbal remedies a
re one and the same thing, but the fact is they are not. While homeopathy and herbal remedies are only a single system of medicine, naturopathy is the combination of any or many of the available natural healing systems for treatment of any given illness.

A naturopath cures an ill person not by using the modern conventional drugs, instead, he tries to remove the toxins from the patient's body by using only natural therapies, including herbs and the homeopathic remedies (if or whenever required), and educating the person to learn self-health care through changes in his/her diet and lifestyle habits.

Benjamin Lust, a German immigrant, first introduced naturopathy to the United States in 1902 when he founded the American School of Naturopathy
It did not flourish for quite some years until after 1960 that this holistic system of medicine started to become popular.

The Principles of Naturopathy, in general, are:

Every human body has the natural self-healing power and ability to heal by itself.

Identify and treat the underlying cause of an illness, be it physical, mental or emotional, so that person does
  not fall ill again.

Treat the person as-
a-whole, by taking into consideration all aspects of his lifestyle, not just an ill part of body.

Educate the person to take responsibility of his/her own health through self-care.

Not to use the methods that can create harmful conditions for ill person. Removing of
toxic conditions from
  patient's lifestyle, using non-harmful natural treatment methods like fasting,
enemas, drinking of lot of water,
  changing the lifestyle habits such as diet, sleep, bowel, exercising, and other environmental conditions.

Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine emphasizes on "prevention is better than cure" ideology, the importance of which have never been recognized by today's orthodox medicine system, in spite of its many beneficial attributes.

A n
aturopath treats both acute and chronic health conditions through any or many of the available natural therapies that may include botanical (of, or relating to plants) and clinical (of, or relating to clinic) observations apart from the uses of therapies like water therapy,
hot and cold compresses, fasting, enemas, homeopathy, herbal remedies,
traditional Chinese medicines, methods of relaxation, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, sound waves to manipulate the muscles, etc., etc., depending upon the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and environmental conditions of an individual.

Although many of the above natural therapies that a naturopath makes use of to treat an ill person are quite time taking processes and also to find an able naturopath in the city is not that easy, naturopathy is undoubtedly a safe and effective natural healing system to get cured naturally.



# 1: While comparing naturopathy or naturopathic medicine vs
herbal remedies and homeopathy, the significant difference is in the way the medicine of each of these natural healing system works for the natural cures of all kinds of illnesses, whether physical or mental; or whether acute or chronic. Naturopathy works on "prevention is better than cure" ideology, homeopathy works on "like cure like" principal, but herbal remedies are not based upon any principal or ideology.

# 2: Naturopathy is the most time-consuming and hence most expensive alternative therapy among all the three equally effective natural healing therapies under discussion here and finding an able naturopath in the city is also not an easy task, and therefore, it does not seem to be a cup of tea for every pocket. Naturopathic health care, therefore, seem to be good only for difficult chronic cases and for those who can afford it.

# 3: Homeopathy should be considered better option for the treatment of all health conditions, whether acute or chronic, because its medicines have no side effects at all and hence are completely safe to be
used in all health conditions, and also because they are comparatively cheaper than herbal remedies. Herbal remedies can be of great help in health conditions where homeopathy fails to deliver the goods or in difficult chronic health conditions.

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