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How to Make Homeopathic Medicines

How to Make Homeopathic Medicines

Making Natural Medicines Of Homeopathy At Home Is Not Difficult | See How?

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Making homeopathic medicine or remedy (as homeopaths call it) at home is not at all difficult; just follow it's simple procedure carefully as explained hereunder.

The remedies or the medicines of homeopathy can easily be made from the natural
crude materials of the plants, the minerals, the salts or animals, either by preparing
the mother tincture of the desired crude material, or by triturating (grinding) the chosen crude substance.

The natural crude substances found from nature are of two categories, soluble substances and insoluble substances.

Soluble Substances:

Homeopathic medicines from soluble substances are prepared by preparing their mother tinctures first by using alcohol-water dilutions. Mother tincture is the undiluted liquid
extract of the original source. Dilutions are meant for-the purpose of reducing the toxicity of the original crude plants or substances by adding alcohol-water solution to the least quantity of any mother tincture. Mother tinctures are the liquid form of medicine.

Insoluble Substances:

Since insoluble substances are not soluble in alcohol or water, the homeopathic medicines from these insoluble substances are prepared by grinding the substances in powder form and then preparing the medicines in dry forms. This process of grinding the solid crude materials is known as trituration.


Trituration is a circular grinding process where the desired insoluble crude substance is grounded with milk of sugar also known as
lactose, using a sterile pestle and mortar for specified number of hours. Lactose or milk of sugar is used as a medium because of its natural properties. This process reduces the remedy to the millionth dilution. At this level the substance becomes soluble in alcohol.

But since this process of trituration needs tools like sterile pestle
and mortar and grinding process continues for several hours, the whole process becomes a bit time taking and a bit expensive and hence fails to serve the purpose of making low cost medicines at home.

Liquid Homeopathic Medicine is more effective:

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
considered liquid medicines more effective than dry pallet form of medicines. In 1833, in A-286 of the 5th edition of Organon, also he has expressed such views, the conclusive meaning of which is:

"Although both, dry pallets and liquid homeopathic medicines do produce good effective results, if you need to speed up or fasten the healing process, liquid form is always a better option."

Liquid Homeopathic Medicine through Succussion:

The liquid or watery solutions of homeopathic medicines from soluble substances are very easy to make at home in no time and literally at no cost by preparing its mother tincture first and then
potentizing it through a process called succussion.

succussion is a process of shaking vigorously or stroking the glass phial or bottle (in which the remedy is dissolved) hard against any elastic body like the palm of your hand or a leather-bound book. Each time you succuss, the remedy changes slightly in potency and
and gets a little stronger. The remedy dilution contained in the glass phial or a bottle is to be shaken vigorously 10 times or stroked forcefully 10 times as suggested by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the creator of homeopathy, in the 6th edition of Organon.

While vigorously shaking or forceful stroking the dilution against any elastic body, care should be taken to hold the glass phial or bottle, in your hand, in a manner so that it does not come into direct contact of the elastic body, to prevent it from breaking. Every succeeding vigorous shake or forceful stroking of the dilution should be in the same direction and with the same force with which it is shaken or stroked in the preceding shake or stroke.

The number of succussions to be effective for any particular remedy also depends upon the required potency of the medicine. For example, any particular-remedy that has been succussed one time only is known as 1x or 1c potency, depending upon the quantity of alcohol-water mixed with 1 part of the mother tincture of that remedy. Similarly, when it is succussed for 6 times, the remedy prepared will be of potency 6x or 6c.


Potency of the Homeopathic Medicine:

The potency of the medicine is described with two combined parts - one is numerical numbers like 6 or 12 and the 2nd part is alphabetical letter like x or c or LM etc. Potencies from 1x to 30x or 1c to 30c are considered to-be low potencies, upward up to 200x or 200c are considered-as medium potencies and all potencies above 200x or 200c like DM, MM or LM are considered to-be high potencies.

When 1 part of mother tincture is mixed with 9 parts of alcohol-water dilution, the remedy becomes of "x" potency and this scale of 1 to 9 parts is known as decimal scale of preparing medicines. When 1 part of mother tincture is mixed with 99 parts of alcohol-water dilution, it will prepare the remedy of "c" potency and this scale of preparing medicines is called centesimal scale of preparing medicines.

Preparing the Mother Tincture:

First step to make homeopathic medicine from soluble substance is to prepare mother tincture of the gathered crude material from a specific plant. The plant is to be gathered very carefully at its best harvesting time and is to be processed by macerating the plant or it's part and then letting it soak in an alcohol-water solution. Alcohol is used for-the purpose of preservation so that plant material does not rot.

A fresh clean glass container should be used for soaking of the plant in alcohol-water dilution. The soaking must continue long enough to completely draw the properties of the plant into alcohol-water dilution and must be stored in dark places so as to prevent the light from changing the chemical properties of the dilution.

When soaking is complete, this dilution is to be strained of the course residual of the plant material (pulp) leaving a tinctured solution saturated with the chemical properties of the original plant. This drained dilute tincture solution is now called the mother tincture. Now you have the mother tincture of the substance you wish to make medicine of.

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