The World Population Is Turning To Homeopathy!
How Safe Is Homeopathy

How Safe Is Homeopathy

Natural Homeopathy Is Free From All Toxins And So, Safe For All | See How?

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Homeopathy is considered to be one of the safest natural alternative treatment-system that works perfectly well in all health conditions and for all age groups alike, because of the following facts:

How far homeopathy is safe or how far homeopathic remedies or medicines are safe, depends upon two primary factors --- from what type of substances are the homeopathic medicines prepared and --- for what kind of health problems the medicines are to be used.

Let us understand now as to from what type of substances are the homeopathic medicines prepared, and how are they really safe to be used in all health conditions and for all humans.

From what type of substances are Homeopathic Remedies prepared? Are they Really Safe?

Homeopathic remedies or medicines are derived from the natural crude substances of the plants, the minerals, or animal sources, and unlike conventional English drugs (because they are prepared from toxic chemical substances), they are free from all kinds of chemicals or toxicity.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by repeatedly diluting the desired substance in alcohol or
distilled water (alcohol is used if the medicine is to be preserved for later uses otherwise distilled water would be fine). This dilution process generally continues well past the point where none of the original substance remains in the end product making the medicine totally free of all toxins of the original crude material. After attaining desired level of repeated dilution, this prepared dilution is to be shaken vigorously or to be repeatedly hit on an elastic body such as palm of the hand or any hard book cover. This process of vigorous shaking of the dilution or repeatedly hitting the dilution on an elastic body is called succussion. Every dilution following repeated succussion is said to increase the
potency of the homeopathic remedy.

Now we know that homeopathic remedies or medicines are prepared from the natural substances in a way that makes them free from any chemical toxicity. Since non-toxic substances cannot have any kind of adverse side effects, homeopathic medicines are also considered as medicines free from all kinds of side effects and hence, are completely safe
to be used in all health conditions and for all age groups.

Homeopathy is not yet approved by Science - But so what?

It is true that science has not yet approved homeopathy, but so what? Science does not accept existence of many things in this universe which we all know do exist.

Science argues that how can a dilution almost free from any molecule can cure any disease. It considers such dilution as just plain water. I argue. A mosquito falls in water but is instantly removed from water. Can science consider such water as drinkable water? No! Then how come a dilution prepared from a natural substance is considered as just plain water? A rose flower petal is put into water but is removed immediately. Can science say there is nothing left in water? No! Even after the rose petal is removed from the water instantly, the rose petal leaves its essence in water. The essence of rose petal is clearly felt when we drink such water and what a refreshing feeling it gives! Can science deny it? No.

Science believes in proved discovery. It believes only in what can be seen. It believes only what is scientifically proved or can be proved. It does not accept the existence of the things that cannot be seen or cannot be proved. I argue. Has science been-able to see God yet? Can scientists prove the existence of God? Has science discovered God yet? No! Does it mean that God does not exist? I further argue. Existence of God is not scientifically proved but still almost every scientist believes in God. How come?

So is the case with homeopathy. How come?

Is it not injustice with homeopathy? It certainly is.

The most astonishing fact is that mainstream conventional
Allopathic Medicines, which we all know are full of toxic and sometimes fatal life-threatening side effects, are approved by science but homeopathic medicines which are free from any kind of toxic side effects of whatsoever nature are not supported by science!

In case of homeopathy, even real facts and positive experiences of masses are being swept aside by science!

Dr. James Tyler Kent, best remembered as a forefather of the
modern homeopathy movement, was President and Trustee of America's Chicago Homeopathic Hospital in his life time, had started his practice of conventional allopathic medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. But all of a sudden he turned to homeopathy and today he is said to have contributed as much to the great homeopathic works as
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.

Do you know why?

Because Dr. Kent was very much impressed by the result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.

One day a child was brought in emergency state into Dr. Kent's clinic and it appeared that the child would not survive for long. As he lay in his mother's arms, a thin yellow fecal stool ran all over his carpet. The odor was like that of the "Podophyllinum" stool. It was horribly offensive, and the stool was so copious that the mother made the remark that she did not know where all that came from. Dr. Kent then decided to test the homeopathic remedy that he had prepared himself, Podophyllum 30. He was greatly surprised to know on the next morning from the grandmother of the child that he was doing well. One dose of "Podophyllum" cured a dangerously ill patient. Magic!

I wonder how science can deny or overlook such great life experiences of Dr. Kent?

Dr. Eugene Beauharnais Nash, born in 1838 in Columbia County, New York, was one of America's leading 19th century homeopaths and was considered one of the great teachers of homeopathic medicine. His book "Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics" was thought to have been the means of converting many allopathic doctors to homeopathy. Many homeopathic physicians in different parts of the world attributed their success in healing the sick to his writings. In 1903, he became president of the International Hahnemann Association (IHA).

When Nash was beginning his medical career he had an attack of
paralysis. Taking his symptoms into consideration, Dr. Nash decided to try Lachesis, but it only helped a little. Discouraged, Dr. Nash decided to go under the care of the great master Dr. Adolph Lippe. The venerable doctor gave him a remedy and stated "When you are cured, come back and then I'll tell you what I gave". Dr. Nash later returned to Philadelphia. "Here I am, entirely well now. What was it?" "Lachesis, Lachesis!" "Yes, but I took Lachesis!".

The old doctor jumped up and down with delight, and laughing, said: "You did not take it high enough".

How can science overlook the experiences of such great personalities who are known for their homeopathic teachings and great achievements?

There are so called intellectuals also who express their inability to digest homeopathy. I am sure they still are very young in every meaning and have not yet tested the fruit.

However, no worries if homeopathy is not an approved science. In fact, science does not approve any of the natural
alternative medicines including 2000 years old traditional Chinese medicines,
or its other forms like herbal medicines, acupuncture, and massage, and more than 3000 years old (the oldest) natural alternative medicines of Ayurveda.

It seems science only believes in unnatural (contrary to laws or course of nature) medicines, that is why it does not object to even proved fatal adverse effects of allopathic medicines and instead, keeps raising doubts about the effectiveness of alternative natural medicines of homeopathy.


According to the FDA -- Adverse Events Reporting System -- as many as 117,752 people had met with death and 711,232 people had severe side effects from so called modern allopathic medicines in a single year 2013 in US alone. The number of deaths, everyone would agree, would certainly be multifold if the whole world-population is considered.

Homeopathic medicines, on the other hand,
have never so far and can never ever cause death because, they have no side effects at all.

FDA has never recalled any homeopathic single dose remedy

Talking about effectiveness of the homeopathic remedies, it does not really matter if homeopathy is not an approved science because science does not support any of the other natural alternative
therapies like Chinese medicines, or Ayurveda either, but that does not mean they are not effective.

Homeopathy is a gentle non-toxic natural alternative medicine system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms naturally, remove the cause of your illness right from its roots and improve your overall health without causing any kind of side effects whatsoever.

That is how homeopathy works naturally and perfectly and is really
safe for all age groups, whether young or old, newborn babies or pregnant women and undoubtedly the best route to get cured naturally.

What really matters is experiences of masses and one cannot overlook the personal experiences of millions of people all over the world who have benefited from this magic therapy of homeopathy!

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