The World Population Is Turning To Homeopathy!


Undoubtedly, One Of The Best Natural Alternative Medicine For Solid Reasons

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Homeopathy, also known as the homeopathic medicine, is a holistic system of natural alternative medicine in which ailments are treated by minute doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment. Contrasted with Allopathy, the homeopathy in comparison to the other natural alternative treatment systems, such as herbal remedies and naturopathy, can easily be considered as one of the safest best alternative to English Allopathic Medicines.

Homeopathy was founded in 1796 by a German physician
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It originated in United States of America and is regulated in United States since 1938. Since then homeopathy has been used successfully not only in United States, but also in England, India and the whole Europe.

Dr. Hahnemann believed that we must never seek to deny our disease and suppress pain. Instead, we must always acknowledge the symptoms of disease and work with those symptoms and not only must heal ourselves but also transform our lives in the process of healing. According to Dr. Hahnemann every person has energy within him/her, known as a vital force or self-healing power.

Homeopathy treats illness by stimulations of body's own healing powers with principle of healing "like cures like", called the law of similars, using homeopathic remedies (medicines) that are prepared as per Dr. Hahnemann's recommended process of "succussion". 'Like cures like' means that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in a healthy person will cure that disease in a sick person.

uccussion is the process in which the diluted medicinal solution is shaken vigorously to increase the
potency of the medicine.  In the process of dilution, the medicinal solution is diluted so much that almost non-of the original substance remains in the end product. This unique process of preparation makes remedies of homeopathy more gentle, more potent, more effective, and totally free from toxins and side effects, thereby making it completely safe to be used in all health conditions and for all humans, including infants and pregnant women.

Homeopathic medicines or remedies, as called by homeopaths, are prepared only from natural
crude materials like the plants, the minerals, o
r animals, and several other natural substances without using any kind of chemical materials, and hence are considered as true natural remedies. For this reason and for the reason, that homeopathic medicines have no side effects at all, homeopathy is considered as the safest best natural alternative treatment system in the world today.

omeopathic medicines work to remove symptoms of the patient, whether they are physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional, rather than to treat the disease, by removing the underlying cause of the disease from its root. It works on a deeper level and acts as a preventive to eliminate all the possibilities of the disease to invade your body.

This treatment approach of homeopathy makes the role of a homeopath distinguishably different from that of an allopath, a doctor of scientifically proved, conventional mainstream English system of medical treatment, called allopathy.

Homeopathy compared to Conventional Treatment System of Allopathy

In today's mainstream and conventional treatment system of allopathy, an allopath or a doctor looks only at the body of the patient and his apparent physical condition, not the condition of his/her mind or emotions, for him to prescribe medications. He has no interest at all to look at patient's psychological condition.
Whether his prescribed medications will suit the patient's mental or emotional condition or his pocket for that matter; he is not at all concerned. He is not even concerned about the adverse side effects that his prescribed medications may produce (researches show that hundreds of thousands of patients die every year due to adverse side effects of allopathic medicines). He, the doctor, will prescribe more medications to encounter those side effects, and the murderous-process of increased medication keeps continued. His behavior with the patient is only mechanical, no heart, no sympathy, and never anywhere near spiritual or holistic kind of treatment-approach. An allopath treats only the body of the patient. A very unnatural and non-human way of treating humans.

n homeopathy, on the other hand, approach of an able homeopath is very natural and holistic one. He treats the person as-a-whole, considering the condition of his body, mind, emotions and spirit, rather than treating the sickness itself. He will try to know everything about patient's present as well as past life-history, his likings and dis-likings, and about everything that he/she feels, physically or psychologically, good or bad about, before prescribing appropriate medicine or remedy to the patient. A very natural and human approach to treat a human.

It should, however, be understood well that allopathic doctors and homeopaths are only following the system of medicine they have been taught, a fault therefore, if any, lies with the system of treatment itself, not with its practitioners.

Unlike homeopathy, the treatment system of allopathy itself believes in 'cut and remove diseased body-part' kind of unnatural and un-human-like treatment strategies called 'surgery' and most of its medicines are also prepared from non-natural chemical products, and hence it's treatment approach is also not natural and human-like.

Homeopathy after its inception has gained enormous popularity not only in the whole of Europe but in every part of the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) today recognizes homeopathy as the second largest healing system in use in the world.

There are thousands of thousand people around the globe who have experienced exceptionally unique feeling of well-being after the treatment of this magic of a therapy, homeopathy.

The world population is turning to homeopathic medicines significantly fast today only because of its holistic nature and because its remedies have no side effects at all


Comparing other natural alternative medicine systems of naturopathy and herbal remedies with homeopathy, it is very much evident that:

• Naturopathy, although a very effective natural treatment system, is a time consuming and very expensive system of treatment and hence not everyone can afford it. Also finding an able naturopath in the city is not an easy task for common man.

• Herbal remedies, although very effective natural alternative medicines, may not be totally safe in all health conditions and for all age groups, because these medicines do contain chemical substances and hence do cause side effects.

• Homeopathic remedies, on the other hand, are prepared only from the natural substances without using any kind of chemical products in a way that they do not have any kind of side effects. Hence it can undoubtedly be asserted that homeopathy is the safest best alternative to the toxic English drugs
for you to get cured naturally.

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