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Herbal Remedies vs Homeopathy

Herbal Remedies vs Homeopathy

Both Remedies Are Herbs Based Natural Medicines, Yet They Are Not The Same


Many people think that herbal remedies and homeopathy are the same, but the fact is they differ in many ways.

It is true that herbal remedies and
homeopathic remedies, both of them are forms of natural medicine and both are used by people for the same purpose of living a disease-free healthy lifestyle, but still, they are a lot different in many ways.

Due to extremely expensive and perhaps a very irresponsible and dissatisfactory kind of today's 
conventional health care services, all the natural health therapies including herbal remedies and the homeopathy are day by day gaining more and more popularity today.

Herbal remedies, also called herbalismare probably as ancient as humans on this earth. Homeopathy, on the other hand, was originated in 1796 by a German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

eople around the globe today consider both, homeopathic as well as herbal remedies, an effective and natural way to treat wide range of their health conditions whether they are
acute or they are chronic, but
at the same time many of them have wrong impressions and confusions also. Many people think that homeopathy and herbalism are not different, they are the same, but the fact is they are not same.

Both kinds of remedies are forms of natural medicine because both are prepared from natural herbs and plants, but yet they are not the same.

Both emphasize on treating a patient as a-whole-person rather than treating only the ill part of the body, but still they are not the same.

It is a fact that many people do use the terms of both remedies interchangeably and names of many of their remedies are similar, but still they are not the same.

Both kinds of remedies are available over the counter and does not need any prescription from the health practitioner, but they still are different from each other.

It is also a fact that some herbal remedies are used to go through the processes of dilution and potentization to
become homeopathic remedies, but in general, there is a vast difference between the two.

The first and the foremost difference is homeopathic medicines does not contain any chemicals whereas herbal remedies are one kind of chemicals; phytochemicals that are extracted from plants or parts thereof. If the same compounds are purified and synthesized in a laboratory, they would become non-patented drugs. If any pharmaceutical company succeeds to obtain a patent of the related plants then these herbal remedies would become part of conventional drugs.

While herbal medicine is prepared only by use of plant herbs and their oils, the process of making homeopathic remedies involves also the use of other natural sources, such as minerals and animals.

Herbal remedies, in general, do have side effects because they are prepared from undiluted natural plants and are, therefore, not safe for everyone in all conditions. Also, they may interfere with your conventional drugs. Whereas the homeopathic remedies are prepared from extremely diluted natural substances and do not have any kind of side effects nor do they interfere with conventional or any other form of medicine; and therefore, are perfectly safe for all humans whether young, old, very old, babies, or even for pregnant women and newborn babies.

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis of its "like cures like" principles, whereas herbal remedies are prescribed just like English conventional drugs; counteracting drugs. For example, suppose a person is  suffering from watery eyes, a homeopath will probably prescribe a homeopathic remedy made out of red onion plant "allium cepa", which has the characteristics of producing tears or water in the eyes if given to a person with normal healthy eyes, but would cure the infected eyes of the person suffering from watery eyes. But an allopath or a herbalist would prescribe anti-water drugs to cure the person suffering from watery eyes.


# 1: While comparing herbal remedies vs homeopathic remedies, the basic difference is that, although both medicines are based on natural herbs and oils, yet they differ in their basic principle and safety profile. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of "similars" or "like cures like" principles and do not cause any kind of side effects, whereas herbal remedies are not based upon any principle and are prescribed just like conventional drugs; counteracting drugs, and also some herbal medicines are known to cause mild side effects.

# 2: Herbal medicine, unlike homeopathic remedy, can also interfere with y
our conventional drugs, and therefore must be used with care and after checking the list of its side effects. Always inform your health care practitioner about the
Allopathic Medicines, in case you are taking any, before starting herbal treatment.

# 3: It seems better to treat at least acute illnesses
with homeopathy rather than with herbal remedies for simple reason that they are not as safe as are the remedies of homeopathy. Only in cases where homeopathy is not able to produce desired results, one should make use of herbal remedies and that too under the supervision of a qualified health care practitioner.

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