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Food Supplements

Food Supplements

Makes A Diet Healthy Diet But Are Not A Replacement To Your Main Food Diet

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The food supplements, also called the Dietary Supplements, are a preparation to supplement your normal diet to make it a complete healthy diet by providing essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fibers, fatty acids, sugars, and proteins that may not be sufficiently present in our everyday diet or food. In some countries, these dietary supplements are also defined as drugs or natural health products.

Food supplements or dietary supplements being concentrated sources of essential nutrients are also, therefore, called Nutritional Supplements.

Food supplements are intended for many purposes. To enhance nutrient density of a diet; for maintaining the body cells, tissues and organs in better way; to support body's normal healthy growth, development and activity; to boost overall health and energy; to improve performance in athletic and mental activities; to keep away or to reduce the risks of illness; to support the healing process of an illness; and to treat certain chronic health conditions.

In older times, say about fifty-sixty years ago, the nutrients contained in everyday diet or food were so much adequate to supply all the necessary vitamins,
herbs, minerals, antioxidants, or
phytonutrients to the body that there was no need to take any extra man-made food supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, or gels etc. to remain fit and fine, even at ninety nine.

Times have changed today. The air, the water, the earth, the soil, the grains, the fruits, the vegetables, the fertilizers, and the entire global
environment for that matter, are not as pure today as were 50-60 years ago. Everything has become polluted, intoxicated and unhealthy.

The food grains, the fruits, the nuts, the vegetables, the dairy products, or the edible oils, or any of the eatables for that matter, that we are getting today for our eating, are all stripped of their nutrients to great extent before they reach us, courtesy of wrong but so called advanced ways of growing, harvesting, storing, and transporting techniques.

Usage of low quality fertilizers, chemicals,
toxic herbicides, and the pesticides, and also the prevailing overall unhealthy, highly
polluted environmental conditions has made it almost impossible for us today to get all the quantities of required food supplements from our diet only. Food supplements, therefore, have become a must for almost every individual today.

All said and done, but still the importance of
a healthy diet should not be forgotten or overlooked. Food supplements have no doubt become an indispensable need of today's lifestyle to get all the nutrients required by the body for its optimum health, but still, there are some nutritional chemicals called essential nutrients, without which it is not possible for the body to attain optimum health.

Essential Nutrients:

The essential nutrients are a kind of nutritional chemicals that are absolutely essential for our body for its normal functioning, but these cannot be synthesized at all by the body or body may not be able to synthesize them in adequate amounts needed for good health; nor they can be synthesized from any other outside materials including food supplements for that matter.

Essential nutrients would include vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and water, and can only be obtained from a well-balanced healthy diet.

A complete healthy and well balanced diet would include eating of appropriate amounts from all the food groups, the whole grains, fresh fruits, green vegetables, fish, low fat oils, vegetables, dairy products, and drinking of plenty of water. Choosing the foods and salads in various colors would make the diet much healthier.


Food supplements or nutritional supplements are very much necessary for all to live and maintain
a healthy lifestyle, but they should not be taken as a replacement of a main food diet. Man cannot live without food or only on food supplements. Diet is a primary requirement for man's very existence on this earth.

Food supplements are necessary only for the purpose of supplementing the diet to make it a complete healthy diet, if required.

A word of caution:

Since the requirements and dosages of different people are never the same and since some of the food supplements may also have side effects, they should be consumed only under the supervision of an able health practitioner.

The Healthy Diet

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