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Asthma is a chronic disease in which your airways narrow and swell and produce excessive mucus, making your breathing difficult.

Asthma is the major noncommunicable disease in the world and some 235 million people currently suffer from asthma.

The disease usually starts during childhood.

In the United States of America alone, more than 25 million people are known to have asthma, out of which 7 million sufferers are children.

Exposure to various substances and irritants that trigger allergies (allergens) is one of the most common causes of Asthma.

If you have asthma, the inside walls of your airways may become sore and swollen. It may make them extra sensitive and they can react adversely to the substances you find irritating or 
allergic to. When airways start reacting strongly, they become narrower and your lungs don't get enough supply of fresh air, making breathing difficult.

Asthma is a comorbid condition of
Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis, which makes Asthma more difficult to control.

When two
chronic diseases exist in our body at the same time, the condition is called a comorbid condition.

Some of the most important Asthma Comorbidities are:

Anxiety Or Nervousness
    Atopic Dermatitis Or
    GERD (
gastroesophageal reflux disease)
Obesity Or Fatness

Your symptoms are the key for you to know when should you visit your health care provider.

Symptoms of:  Asthma

Symptoms of Asthma include:

Coughing, especially early in the morning or at night
   Chest tightness
   Shortness of breath

Orthodox medicine suppresses the illness but homeopathy removes the Asthma cause out of its roots

Best Homeopathic Remedies for The Natural Treatment of Asthma

Homeopathy is in stark contrast to allopathy, where inhalers and steroids are used to suppress inflammation.

Homeopathic medicines do not just aim at reducing inflammation; they are known to uproot the basic root cause of the recurrent inflammation naturally by activating body's own restorative processes, mainly strengthening its natural recuperation system to make it strong enough to treat asthma episodes splendidly nicely, effectively, naturally, and safely, without any adverse side effects.

The following natural homeopathic remedies are known to have great potential to improve asthma symptoms quite successfully and effectively for you to be able to live normal active life and have a sound good night sleep without interruption. If you have chosen
right medicine, it is bound to work wonders for all acute cases of asthma.

chronic asthma cases, however, help of an able homeopath should always be considered.

The right remedy for you would be the one that matches with most of your symptoms. Learning about the 
modalities of the remedy and its duration and relationship with other remedies, may greatly help in choosing right remedy, or in deciding about when to stop, repeat or choose and administer another medicine to treaacute asthma successfully.

Arsenicum Album (Ars;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times   The very highest potencies often yield brilliant results
Asthma after colds,
bronchitis or allergies to dust, smoke, animals etc. Wheezing, tightness of chest. Short of breath with sweating. Very chilly. Thirst for small sips. Burning in chest. Anxious, restless, fear of death. Worse, after midnight or 1-2 a.m., lying, cold, motion, every 2 weeks. Better, sitting upright or bent forward, heat, warm drinks,
hot compress.

Carbo Vegetabilis (Carb-v;) Mother Tincture     5 - 10 drops  3 times
Cough, with burning in chest. Asthma in aged with blue skin. Wheezing and rattling of mucus in chest. Occasional spells of long coughing attacks. Worse in evening, in open air, after eating and talking.

Cuprum Metallicum (Cupr;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Sudden asthma with
nausea, vomiting (which relieves). Suffocation, turns blue. Spasms; cramps, twitching, stuttering, palpitations. Nightly attacks. Contracted, spasms in chest; sudden stitches. Asthma from emotions or suppressed eruptions. Worse, motion, touch, hot weather, cough or laugh. Better, cold drinks.

Ipecacuanha (Ip;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Rattling cough, hard to hawk mucus
. Retching or vomiting. Bronchitis. Wheezing, heavy and constricted chest. Short of breath, suffocation. Anxious, pale; cold and clammy. No thirst. Nausea but clean tongue. Worse, heat, damp, humidity, motion or exertion, night, overeating, lying, rich food. Better, open air, rest, sitting up, standing,

Kalium Carbonicum (Kali-c;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times   Should not repeat often
Difficult, wheezing, breathing.
Stitching pains in chest, through to back. Asthma with nausea or headache. Sweaty, weak. Children or elderly. Asthma alternates with diarrhea or vertigo. Aversion to solitude. Worse, 2-4 a.m., cold air, draughts, touch. Better, sitting up or bending forward, rocking, warmth.

Kalium Nitricum (Kali-n;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Often indicated in asthma, also valuable in cardiac asthma. Asthma, with excessive
dyspnœa, nausea, dull stitches, and burning in chest. Dyspnœa so great that breath cannot be held long enough to drink, though thirsty. Chest feels constricted. Sneezing. Swollen feeling; worst right nostril.

Lobelia Inflata (Lob;) Mother Tincture     10 drops  3 times
Constricted chest, short of breath. Hyperventilation. Much rattling mucus. Attacks with faint feeling in pit of stomach, prickling all over. Yawning. Nausea, constant
salivation, faintness, cold sweats. Extremely fearful. Worse, exertion, after sleep, tobacco, touch, cold bathing, alcohol, tea. Better, warmth, towards evening, eating a little, rapid walking, beer.

Natrium Sulphuricum (Nat-s;) Mother Tincture     10 drops  3 times
Wheezing, shortness of breath, heavy pressure in chest. Sore, raw chest. Cough with thick yellow-green
mucus, rattling in chest. Empty feeling. Stitching chest pains. Diarrhea with asthma. Depressed, suicidal moods. Worse, damp in any form, slight exertion, 4-5 a.m., pressure. Better, dry, open air, sitting up, holding chest, rest.

Nux Vomica (Nux-v;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times   Nux works best when given in evening
Asthma, with fullness in stomach, morning or after eating. Cough, with sensation as if something were torn loose in chest. Cough brings on bursting headache and bruised pain in
epigastric region. Shallow respiration. Oppressed breathing. Better, with warmth and after short sleep.

Succinum (Succ;) 6x     3 pallets  3 times
Asthma. Affections of spleen. Nervous and
hysterical symptoms. Fear of trains and close places. Headache, lachrymation, sneezing. Chronic bronchitis, pains in chest. Whooping-cough.

Note: If symptoms improve stop medicine, if not relieved within 8-10 days, try another remedy under supervision of an able homeopath.

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