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Arthritis (Osteoarthritis - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Gout)

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Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that usually involves inflammation, stiffness, pain, and swelling of one or more joints. Joints are places where two bones meet, such as your elbow or knee. Over time, a swollen joint can become severely damaged. Some kinds of arthritis can also cause problems in your organs, such as your eyes or skin.

Although arthritis is more common in women and tends to occur more frequently as we get older, it can occur at any age, even in childhood.

Arthritis is one of the most chronic health-condition and a leading cause of disability throughout the world today. It limits everyday activities such as walking, bathing, dressing, and moving around naturally with normal quickness.

Arthritis is second only to heart disease as a cause of work disability.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children have some type of arthritis in United States of America alone.

Arthritis is not a single disease; it is an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease. There are more than 100 forms of arthritis; all of which can cause inflammation and pain in your body joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis and the osteoarthritis are the most common forms of arthritis amongst its several forms. People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the
synovial membrane that encapsulates joints, are more likely to get bursitis also.

The osteoarthritis is
an inflammation of joints caused by
cartilage degeneration and hence is also called Degenerative Arthritis. The condition usually comes with age and mostly affects hips, knees, and the fingers.

Sometimes osteoarthritis f
ollows a joint injury. For instance, a person having his knee badly hurt playing cricket and which apparently has healed completely, might get arthritis in his knee joint.

Rheumatoid arthritis (also called rheumatic arthritis) is a chronic progressive
disease causing inflammation in the joints and bones, resulting in painful deformity and immobility, especially in hands, fingers, wrists, feet, and ankles. It happens when the body's own defense system doesn't work properly. It may also affect body's internal organs and its systems. One may feel sick or tired, and may also have a fever.

Another common type of arthritis is gouty arthritis or simply Gout. Painful gouty arthritis is caused by uric-acid-crystal deposits in joint tissues.

Gout is also a chronic progressive disease. The tendency to develop gout and elevated blood uric acid level (hyperuricemia) is often inherited.

Most common of all gout symptoms is nighttime attack of sharp pain in big toe.

Gout and hyperuricemia (condition of abnormally high level of uric acid in the blood) are aggravated by
obesity, weight gain, blood pressure, alcohol intake, high fructose in corn syrup found in soft drinks, abnormal kidney function, and certain medications.

Your symptoms are the key for you to know when should you visit your health care provider.

Symptoms of: Arthritis (Osteoarthritis - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Gout)

Symptoms of Arthritis, in general, include:

    Joint pain: often felt in the same joint on body's both sides, sometimes the onset is sudden and intense
    Sharp gouty-pain in big toe; usually
acute gout affects one joint but chronic
one may affect more joints
    Swelling in the affected joints
    Joint stiffness: is most noticeable when you wake up in the morning, or after a period of inactivity
    Warmth around affected joint
    Redness of the skin around affected joint
    Reduced ability to move the joint through its full range of motion
    Overtime, the affected joint may totally lose its range of motion and may become deformed
    You may hear or feel a grating sensation when you use the joint
    Bone spurs (extra bits of bone that feels like hard lumps) may form around the affected joint

omeopathy provides stable relief from early stage Arthritis by stimulating body's own healing powers

Best Homeopathic Remedies for The Natural Treatment of Arthritis

Homeopathic remedies, with zero side effects, are thought to be one of the most effective alternative medicines that can be safely used to self-treat and self-cure all acute conditions of arthritis very effectively and naturally forever with great degree of success. The key to success is to find the right remedy.

However, in chronic conditions, the attention of a qualified
homeopath is highly recommended.

The right remedy for you would be the one that matches with most of your symptoms. Learning about the
modalities of the remedy and its duration and relationship with other remedies, may greatly help in choosing right remedy, or in deciding about when to stop, repeat or choose and administer another medicine to treat arthritis successfully.

Apis Mellifica (Apis;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Stinging, burning, wandering pains. Affinity to the knees, shoulders. Great swelling around joints. Rosy, red, or waxy transparent looking. Awkward, drops things. Busy, restless, nervous. Jealous and irritable. Worse, heat, touch, pressure. Better, cold applications, sitting upright.

Belladonna (Bell;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times   Repeat frequently
Sudden intense onset. Red, hot, swollen, throbbing, tender joint area, accompanied by
headache, eye inflammation, fever, throbbing pulse. Pains may be burning, with cramps and the spasms. Anxious, restless. Worse, motion, touch, jarring, night, after getting chilled. Better, rest.

Bryonia Alba (Bry;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Stitching pain. Joints, hot, red, swollen, or may be pale red, and shiny. Irritable, seeks solitude. Worries about business, finances, future. Pain worst from slightest motion; stretching, walking, turning etc. Worse, morning, touch, jarring. Better, rest, localized heat, pressure.

Calcarea Carbonica (Calc;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times   Elderly should not repeat often
Rheumatism from recurrent strains, damp, wear and tear, old injuries. Stiffness; weak or lame joints, contractions. Feels weak, no stamina; flabby muscles, and lax ligaments. Sensitive to damp. Chilliness, sour perspiration. Responsible, insecure, many anxieties. Worse, motion, exertion, cold, damp. Better, warmth, rubbing, lying.

Calcarea Fluorica (Calc-f;) 12x     3 pallets  3 times
arthritis with hard
nodules, bony overgrowth, at sites of sprains. Stiffness, restlessness. Weak, overstretched ligaments and joints. Cracking, creaking joints. Fear of poverty. Unstable, makes mistakes. Worse, 1st motion, cold, damp, rest. Better, limbering, warmth, rubbing.

Causticum (Caust;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Stiffness, contraction, deformity; partially fused joints. Need to stretch. Restlessness. Weak, atrophied muscles. Numbness, cramps, twitches. Chilly. Effects of burns,
scars. Chronic suffering. Sensitive to injustice. Worse, cold dry wind, lying, motion, night. Better, warmth, damp weather.

Dulcamara (Dulc;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Ailments caused or strongly affected by cold and damp conditions, wet weather, cellars, air conditioning, warm turning cold or dry to damp. Stiffness, pain and rheumatism, more in muscles.
Hives, eczema. Worse, cold damp weather, rest, night. Better, motion, pressure, warmth.

Guajacum Officinale (Guaj;) Mother Tincture     10 drops  3 times
Contraction, shortening of
tendons; joint stiffness and deformity. Affinity to wrist, knee, limbs, spine. Burning, tearing pain. Weakness, muscle atrophy. Hateful, critical, weak memory. Chilly. Offensive sweats. Worse, motion, heat. Better, cold compresses, stretching, yawning.

Hecla Lava (Hecla;) 6x     3 pallets  3 times
Arthritic nodules, bone spurs and outgrowths, deformity. Destruction. Bone
tumors, growths, inflammation. Weak bones. Hip joint disease.

Kalmia Latifolia (Kalm;) Mother Tincture     10 drops  3 times
Sharp, sticking pains which shoot downward, come and go gradually. Migratory arthritis; from joint to joint, upper to lower or alternating. Hot, red, swollen, tender joints. Numbness, crawling before or after pain. Worse, motion, cold, left side, night, open air. Better, warmth, rest.

Ledum Palustre (Led;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Arthritis that starts in lower joints and extend to higher ones may respond to this remedy. Pain and inflammation often begin in the toes and spread upward to the ankles and knees. The joints may also make cracking sounds.

Pulsatilla Pratensis  (Puls;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Changeable pain and location of inflammation. Pains appear suddenly, leave gradually or with a sudden snap. Large joints like hip are affected. Worse, 1st motion, heat, evening. Better, gentle motion, cold compresses, open air. Mild, shy, emotional, sensitive, depressed and weepy.

Radium Bromatum  (Rad-br;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times
Found effective in the treatment of rheumatism and gout. Arthritis, aching pains, worse, at night. Severe pain in all the limbs, joints, especially in knee and the ankles. Severe sharp pain in arms, shoulders, hands, and the fingers. Legs, arms and neck feel hard and brittle, as though they would break on moving. Chronic rheumatism, arthritis. Lateness in appearance of symptoms. Great weakness.

Rhus Toxicodendron (Rhus-t;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Rheumatism after exposure to damp climates, many strains, overexertion, getting chilled when overheated. Inflamed, red, hot, cracking joints. Pain and stiffness after rest; feels better after limbering and getting warm. Burning, drawing, and tearing pains, heavy limbs, weakness, restlessness. Worse, cold, damp, night, midnight. Better, stretching, wrapping up, rubbing.

Sulphur (Sulph;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times
Rheumatic pain in left shoulder. Rheumatic gout, with itching. Drawing and tearing in arms and hands. Stiffness of knees and ankles. Cannot walk erect; stoop shouldered.

Note: If symptoms improve stop medicine, if not relieved within 8-10 days try another remedy.

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