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Is it hard for your child to sit still? Does your child act without thinking first? Does your child start but not finish things? Is your child too talkative and restless?

If so, he/she may have Attention Deficit Disorder ADD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ADHD; child's behavioral disorder.

ADD/ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children that appears in early childhood and can continue in adulthood.

Nearly every child shows some of the above stated behaviors at times, but ADD/ADHD lasts more than 6 months and causes problems in school, at home, and in social situations.

The impact of ADHD in adults can well extend beyond the workplace; adversely affecting person's responsibilities and tasks that happen at home, at work, and in social circles.

There are three types of ADHD as under:

Inattentive Children: Children having predominant trouble of paying attention to or of following instructions
    or conversations, of finishing a task,
easily distracted children, and children that usually forget their daily

2. Hyperactive and Impulsive Children: Talkative, hard to sit still for long; restless, talking or doing things at
    inappropriate times, trouble
ontrolling impulsivity, having more injuries than others because of impulsiveness.

3. Combined: The child is equally inattentive and hyperactive.

A child, who is impulsive, hyperactive, and inattentive at all places, such as home, school, or with friends, is frequently disruptive, aggressive, and uncontrollable, must get diagnosed whether or not he/she is suffering from ADD/ADHD.

ADD/ADHD is more common in boys than girls and about 3 - 5 percent of all American children are affected by this childhood behavioral disorder.

It is advisable not to rush for medication immediately after detection of ADD/ADHD because proper and special parental care, particularly the
diet and the nutrition related care, could prove more effective way to treat your child successfully.

Watching your child's behavior continuously for more than 6 months and making notes of his/her symptoms can greatly help you to know whether or not medication is necessary.

Symptoms of:  ADD Or ADHD

The symptoms of ADD/ADHD may include:

    Difficulty in listening and focusing on what is being told or taught
    Difficulty in learning or completing their home-work or any other task
    Get bored very quickly with given task or from their current activity and want to turn to other activities
    Get easily confused
    Get easily distracted
    May talk bad and behave unethically
    Cannot sit quite when required
    Keep mingling, touching, or playing with anything and everything around whether good or bad
    Are very impatient, cannot wait for their turn or for what they want to have
    Always try to interrupt others in whatever they are doing

Homeopathy with no side effects is safer option to treat ADHD children than of English toxic drug Ritalin

Best Homeopathic Remedies for The Natural Treatment of ADD Or ADHD

Targeted treatment with non-toxic medicines of homeopathy is bound to work wonders for ADHD or for any illness for that matter, as it works to remove the underlying cause of disease right out of its roots naturally, without causing side effects of any nature whatsoever.

The below listed natural medicines of homeopathy are known to
be wonderfully effective in the treatment of ADD/ADHD if administered according to the symptoms of the suffering child. Choosing the
right remedy is the key to success.

The right remedy for your child would be the one that matches with most of his/her symptoms. Learning about the
modalities of the remedy and its duration and relationship with other remedies, may greatly help in choosing right remedy, or in deciding about when to stop, repeat or choose and administer another medicine to treat ADD or ADHD problem successfully.

Argentum Nitricum (Arg-n;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times
Brain-fag, with general
debility and trembling. Fearful and nervous. Memory weak. Errors of perception. Impulsive; wants to do things in a hurry. Cravings for sweets.

Baryta Carbonica (Bar-c;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times   Bears repetition well
Useful for the children who are not quick to learn new things, are mentally handicapped or simply slow learners. They are shy, self-conscious, with self-limitation, feeling defective, incompetent, incapable, and who have difficulty with school work. The adults who act childish and immature. They take cold easily, and then always have swollen tonsils.

Baryta Iodata (Bar-i;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Useful for those having difficulty concentrating; and who have a canine like appetite.

Belladonna (Bell;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times   Repeat frequently
Great children's remedy. Useful for those who are forgetful, slow, and have a poor learning ability; sensitive to noise and light; have night terrors and fears of ghosts; look wild when angry; have large heads, with bright red cheeks.

Coffea Cruda (Coff;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times
Stimulates all functional activities. Great nervous agitation and restlessness. Full of ideas, quick to act. Tossing about in anguish. Sensitive hearing.

Chamomilla (Cham;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Whining and restless children wanting back again the things once refused. For children of bad temper, very irritable and impatient, not knowing what they want; who want something and then want something else. Chamomilla child is fidgety and quits down once he has attracted attention. He wants to be carried everywhere, but will whine and scream.

Hyoscyamus Niger (Hyos;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times
Disturbs the nervous system profoundly. Useful for the children of a quarrelsome and obscene character. Inclined to be unseemly and indecent and persists in uncovering genitals. Very suspicious. Foolish. Inclined to laugh at everything. Picking at bed-clothes; plays with hands; reaches out for things. Child sobs and cries without waking. Starts up frightened.

Kalium Bromatum (Kali-br;) 6x     3 pallets  3 times
Useful for restless children always wanting to do something abnormal, especially with the hands, including activities like throwing. Brain fag. Numb feeling in head. Fidgety hands; busy twitching of fingers. Better, when occupied mentally or physically.

Kalium Carbonicum (Kali-c;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times   Should not repeat often
Useful for children who are very irritable. Full of fear and imaginations. Never want to be left alone. Obstinate and
hypersensitive to pain, noise, and touch. Early morning aggravation. Intolerance of cold weather.

Lycopodium Clavatum (Lyc;) 6c     3 pallets  3 times
Useful for children who have weak memory, confused thoughts; who spells or writes wrong words and syllables. Failing brain-power. Cannot bear to see anything new. Cannot read what he writes. Have low self-esteem. They fear public speaking. Lack of confidence. Extremely sensitive; little things annoy. Afraid to be alone, but at times the child may become cocky and boastful. Can be dictatorial and bossy at home where they feel safe; and may have delusions of being a great person.

Phosphorus (Phos;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times
Useful for children who are psychic; and who see ghosts, spirits, specters. Great lowness of spirits. Easily distracted by external stimuli. Find it hard to work in a group. Get tired easily. Restless, fidgety, hypo-sensitive, indifferent.

Sulphur (Sulph;) 30c     3 pallets  3 times
Very forgetful. Difficult thinking. Delusions; that he is very wealthy, thinks rags, beautiful things. Busy all the time. Childish peevishness in grown people. Useful for children lost in thoughts, absent-minded, spacy; forgetful, lose things; are full of theories and dreams, love science fiction; can be a loner with limited social skills; prefer computers, reading and mechanical things. Affections vitiated; very selfish, no regard for others. Imagining giving wrong things to people, causing their death. Sulphur patients are nearly always irritable, depressed, thin and weak, even with good appetite. Sleep disorders; cannot sleep between 2 and 5 am.

Note: If symptoms improve stop medicine, if not relieved within 8-10 days try another remedy under the supervision of an able homeopath.

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